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Sweet Summer Stack

Sweet Summer Stack

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Bracelet Choice

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  1. Fiore bracelet - salmon color beads with blue clay evil eye flower bead 
  2. Blessed bracelet - 6mm white glass shell beads with enamel cross 
  3. Ouranos bracelet - 4mm Dusty pink beads with mother of pearl cross
  4. Faith Mati Bracelet - 6mm white glass shell beads with evil eye and gold plated cross 
  5. Cross bracelet - 8mm white glass shell beads with rose quartz cross
  6. Ouranos bracelet - 4mm silver plated hematite beads with mother of pearl cross
  7. Fiore bracelet - nude color beads with white porcelain evil eye flower bead
  • Beautiful pieces created with care
  • Made on strong stretch elastic
  • Standard women size (7"), unless a specific size is provided at checkout


Beads may vary slightly in colour on each product

May contain small pieces that may pose as a choking hazard

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