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Martis Bracelet (Heart)

Martis Bracelet (Heart)

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It is an Ancient Greek tradition that as of March 1st one wears a “Marti bracelet” - a bracelet made of twisted red and white thread. The bracelet represents the beginning of Spring, with the red representing life and passion and the white representing purity - woven together to offer the wearer protection.

It is traditionally worn on the first day of March until the end of Spring.The tradition suggests to place your bracelet on a fruit tree, so the tree will remain healthy and bear fruit, or so that it may be used by the birds for their nests. 

  • Woven red and white string bracelet
  • Red heart bead and turquoise bead 
  • Adjustable bracelet 


Beads may vary slightly in colour on each product

May contain small pieces that may pose as a choking hazard

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