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Dusty Pink Stack

Dusty Pink Stack

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  1. Rose Quartz Heart Bracelet
  2. Thalassa Crystal Bead Bracelet
  3. Name + Heart Bracelet, Pearly White Seed Beads (Name(s) to be added in the comment section)
  4. Ouranos Bracelet
  5. Name Bracelet, Pearl White Seed Beads (Name(s) to be added in the comment section)
  6. Silver Accent Bracelet
  7. Rose Quartz Santorini bracelet with porcelain evil eye
  • Beautiful piece created with care
  • Made on strong stretch elastic
  • Standard women size (7"), unless a specific size is provided at checkout


Beads may vary slightly in colour on each product

May contain small pieces that may pose as a choking hazard

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