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Angelina Bracelet (Him)

Angelina Bracelet (Him)

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The Angelina bracelet: named after a kind-hearted 5-year-old girl who is on a mission to help those in need. Angelina has decided to donate her beautiful hair to make wigs for people with cancer and fundraise for metastatic breast cancer research. Her passion and dedication is truly inspiring 🌸

  • 6mm matte black beads + one baby pink bead representing the cause
  • Mother of pearl evil eye bead 
  • Beautiful piece created with care
  • Made on strong stretch elastic
  • Standard men size (7.5"), unless a specific size is provided at checkout
  • The price is for one individual bracelet (not the stack)


Beads may vary slightly in colour on each product

May contain small pieces that may pose as a choking hazard

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